U.S. cellular has announced three new fantastic mobile phone plans to try and broaden their horizons. Now in the line up of phone contracts is the $40 feature phone deal which comes with unlimited SMS/voice but a limit on the web browsing. The second plan is for smartphones starting at $50 and that has 500MB of data before throttle, or $60 per month has 2GB before throttle. Throttle in this instance refers to the data speeds coming way down to the point where you would preferably not have to use it at all.

Yesterday we announced how Sprint was offering “switchers” $650 off if they convert over to them. Today U.S. cellular have offered $350 cash back in a similar ploy to try and gain more customers and countering Sprint’s punch. Being the smaller carriers that they are, it is no surprise they fell way short of Sprint offer. It is a game of catch 22 where people will support the big companies because they offer better deals. However, if the small companies die off then that will essentially give all control to the bigger ones and that could end up more costly because hey does not have any competition telling them otherwise.

On top of those deals, U.S. Cellular also has added a new device installment plan where shoppers can have more flexibility over the payment periods. As you would expect, they have no problem excepting one big lump sum payment to cover it all at the beginning, but they are also now offering better long term payment systems.

So far this year we have heard U.S. Cellular bringing out the Moto G and updating the Moto X to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. All this is after Motorola announced that the Moto G, the cheaper option of the X that was made with Google’s help, was the most successful smartphone they had ever produced. For that reason, it is a very good idea for the  fifth-largest wireless telecommunications network inside of the U.S.A to jump on board with it even if it is later than many of the others.

Via: Fierce Wireless