January of this year saw Sprint Spark further develop into 11 more markets, but it seems the developing of its own features has come to a grinding halt. One of the simplest things we can usually do with our phones is talk to people and skim the web at the same moment. A spokesperson has today confirmed that this cannot be done using the Sprint Spark service.

By mid-March Spark had gone on to land in 20 more markets by including LTE, as well as go to four entirely new locations. The world seems to love what Sprint has done here, we just hope this hurdle does not put a stop to that, For many people it will not be a significant compromise. I do not usually talk and “surf the web” at the same time anywhere near as much as I would compare to when I am texting. When we think about all the people across the United States of America, however, then all of a sudden it is not hard to imagine this affecting many people. Occasionally we need to look up information during the call because we do not know the answer to the question on the top of our heads. Browsing Google or Safari would go down as the most common features people will miss here.

The new Spark service from Sprint was meant to crown them the Kings of data speed across the States. It looks like that might come at a cost for now.

Via: Consumer reports