Samsung’s latest smartphone, Galaxy S3 is booming in the markets of the world and so are the apps available for it. The default look of the Galaxy S3 looks good, but when it comes to developers and design lovers, they often like making their handset stand out of the crowd by applying their imagination on their smartphones. And when such things get a shape, they called Launchers. There are many of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 launchers available in Google Play at free of cost. If you haven’t had any experience of using Launchers, you should get one for your phone and see how it changes the complete appearance of your smartphone.


GO Launcher

GO Launcher, the name that synonyms with Android Launchers, has gotten tremendous popularity among the Android smartphone users. With more than thousands of free and premium themes, you can install GO Launcher on your phone to change its look every passing day. The app is available at free of cost in Google Play and doesn’t consume much memory of your smartphone. From making your phone look like iPhone or HTC smartphone, you will get almost all kind if appearances from this launcher. If you are ready to enjoy such experience, hit up the following download link.


Download:  Go Launcher [Google Play Link]

Apex Launcher

The second name that falls in the launcher’s category is Apex Launcher. Comprising some of the great looks of all the smartphones, it can be a high-quality launcher for your phone. After installing this launcher, you will be able to create up to 9 different home screens where you can place your favorite apps or widgets and get access to them by just swiping through your home screen. Apart from the home screen, the launcher brings you the transition effects which let you feel a buttery experience. There are so many features which this launcher contains, like changing folder styles, hiding apps from the drawer, locking home screen and so on. If these features attract you, and you can’t wait to get this launcher installed on your smartphone, head on to the following link.


Download: Apex Launcher [Google Play Link]

NOVA Launcher

Another free launcher for Android smartphones is NOVA Launcher. Although it is a free launcher, it provides premium-looking appearances for your phones. You can set which apps to be shown in the app drawer and which shouldn’t. It contains scroll effects as well so you can have something new while scrolling through apps or songs on your phone. The infinite scroll option is great; it lets you scroll infinitely even though the workspace has reached its end. If you are going to wipe data on your phone, then you can take a backup of all your launcher settings and can restore them after you have done your task. It’s that simple to get back up and running. Just hit up the link given below and you will land on the page where Nova Launcher is ready to be downloaded on your smartphone.


Download: NOVA Launcher [Google Play Link]