There are so many apps available in the Android Market—ranging from Business to Personal. Now, you can get almost all kind of apps from the app store, to manage your business or to edit your holiday photos directly on your Android smartphone. Many of the apps do have ads in them so that the developers could make some money from their hard work. These days usually appear in the apps, on the main screen. If you do not like the ads and want to block them, you can do so using a free app from the Android Market.

The App called AdAway allows you to block ads from the Android apps on your smartphone, thus you can enhance your app experience better. Ads clutter the interface of the app, so without ads, you will have a clutter-free environment to use your favorite app. AdAway uses the host’s file on your Android phone to block the ads from the apps, same as the hosts file in the Windows OS. Since the AdAway is an open source app, you can get it freely using the link given below.


The AdAway app edits the host’s file and adds the AD URLs to be blocked so that it will require the root access to the system files of your Android smartphone. Your phone must be rooted to allow this app to edit the host’s file. You can read How To Root your Android device to know the easiest way to root your phone. After doing so, just open the link given below and install the AdAway app on your device. Then, restart your smartphone to let it apply the changes. After restarting your phone, go to the Menu and launch the app using its icon. From the interface of the AdAway app, you will be able to block ads quickly.


Next time, when you open any app, you will not see any ads. Because the AdAway blocks the ad URLs from reaching to your phone hence, no ads will be displayed. It will give you much better experience while using apps and you can reduce your data usage as well by using this app.

Download: AdAway For Android

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