Here on the web, many developers are waiting in the lurks to get a chance to update some code with something better than what they see. So when website owners like me want something changed, we then go to those developers and ask for them to do it.

With Android, you can play the role of the website owner and ask developers to change what you see on your screens and request features that you want to see. The way in which that happens is through custom ROMs. Just like websites, Android too can be altered so that what you get changes. The reason Android is capable of doing this is that it is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and anyone with the raw source code can have a play. That doesn’t usually result in much good because to play well requires tremendous skill, and it’s an acquired skill that people like you or I am not usually all that good at.


On the other hand, you do have the chance to install new ROMs referred to as custom ROMs that are made by some of the most talented third-party developers in the world. A third-party developer is a develop who does not have any ties with Android, and they just work independently or as an independent team. Some of these third-party developers are excellent at what they do with creating new features and also bolstering the performance of the ROM. You might have heard of CyanogenMod. They are a custom ROM Making team who got so good at what they do that many people considered their ROMs to be more appealing that the ROMs Android release. CyanogenMod also got so big in the custom ROM making game that some OEMs request for a CyanogenMod ROM to accompany their devices when people open with out of the box instead of the Android stock ROM.

Resurrection Remix (6.0.1 Marshmallow)

Resurrection Remix custom ROMs are some of the best in the business. Everything about this brand is classy right down to the website that they have put together that loads nearly as well as this one that I’m writing on now and that I’ve had to pump a lot of knowledge into now. One of the knocks on custom ROMs is that the battery doesn’t last as long because it isn’t tuned into the ROM change. Well, that might be true for some, but one of the standout features of a Resurrection Remix custom ROM is the longer lasting battery. Additionally, these ROMs are also some of the most feature-rich ROMs out there in existence which is strange or a ROM that is light on the battery usage—usually the more feature you have, the more battery is used up.

Features: Statusbar clock customization, Included all CM 12 features, Brand new music and FX audio app from Cyanogen, Overall Speed up system, Quick unlock, Add Weather display to status bar header, LCD Density, Listview animations, Add changelog, Toast animations, slim Omni, system UI changes, loads more.

Download: Resurrection Remix ROM

Turbo ROM (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow)

One of the beautiful things about the LG G3 smartphone is that it is really popular, and that makes for a stunning platform for custom ROM because that is what third-party developers want to cater for when they make a ROM—they want many people using them. The LG G3 is also significant for another reason which is many of the same custom ROMs are available (as different builds) for most of the phone carrier networks, and the Turbo ROM is one of them. The Turbo ROM features for many carriers, and the version you get for the Sprint G3 here should be almost identical to the others. However, to the best of my knowledge which is clicking on the download link and seeing the model number that it is available for, these are separate files that are made for each device as individual files.

Features: Call blacklist, Quick reply messaging, Proximity speakerphone, Phone number lookup, Disable immersive messages toggle, Flashlight notification toggle, Force expanded notifications toggle, Heads up notifications toggle, Reset battery stats, Battery saver color configuration, Full Slim IME customizations, Screenshot sound toggle, Link and unlink ring and notification volumes, Battery and notification light configuration, Slim’s ambient display settings, Ambient display notification inversion toggle, Wake on plug configuration, More rotation settings, Proximity wake checker, loads more.

Download: Turbo ROM

Azadi ROM

The Azadi ROM might sneak into the list partially because I’m familiar with the name Azadi which is not typical of a western such as myself and the reason that is is because one of my bosses whom I work for is the owner of the Azadi Network. I also have friends who are familiar with the word Ázadi and they are from Pakistan and India. Azadi means freedom. The Azadi ROM is not anything to do with that guy who I know, but the ROM probably is developed by someone over that side of the world or at least with that heritage. So you might be thinking what is packed into a ROM called freedom? It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the name. It does come with outstanding speed and battery life which suggests that it is free from the system apps at least.

Features: 100% Bug-Free, Stock Kernel, Super Speed, Super Battery Life, Tweaked Thermal values to tweak performance, Xposed installed, 37000 Antutu Benchmark Score, FPS unlocked, Best Graphics performance, Xperia Keyboard, Viper4Android, G4 weather, G4 Theme, loads more.

Download: Azadi ROM

Paranoid Android (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow)

The Sprint LG G3 smartphone is a great one to own because you have the official Paranoid Android custom ROM available and not all versions of the G3 do. To put Paranoid Android ROMs into some perspective for you, it is the second most popular custom ROM for people to install. It’s a large way behind CyanogenMod still, but that’s more of a testament to how good the CyanogenMode ROMs are and nothing against Paranoid Android. The Paranoid Android ROM would have much more users than say something like the Resurrection Remix custom ROM which is also in the top five overall. Many people believe that part of what makes the Paranoid Android custom ROMs so attractive is the fact that they nailed the name and part of that are probably true. However, there are still other real reasons for installing these ROMs, and most of those are as follows.

Features: based on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow updates, based on AOSP, on the spot controls for the pop-ups, additional floating window options, new custom visual elements, new gesture engine, rearranging of Quick Settings tiles, loads more but Paranoid Android have turned somewhat into CyanogenMod where they are now so cool that they are snobbish and don’t see any reason as to why they should show us what features are in the ROMs anymore.

Download: Paranoid Android ROM

Liquid Smooth (Unofficial)

The Liquid Smooth custom ROMs are also one of the most popular ROMs for people to install all custom ROMs. The version in this post though is not the official version which is why it would be the least favorite out of all the custom ROM options for you to install on the Sprint LG G3 smartphone. Still, this ported version of the Liquid Smooth is still good enough to have tens of thousands of users. It’s also based on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat software updates whereas many of the others are based on something far newer in Android 6.0 or 60.1 marshmallow software updates.

Features: Android KitKat 4.4.4, Viper4Android, Liquid Explorer File Manager, Torch, Slim Pie Controls, Performance Tweaks, Power Reboot Menu, G3 Oversharpening Fix, Fast and Buttery Smooth UI, CM11 Themes Engine, Apollo Music Player, PA Pie Controls, Numerous Interface mods for custom status bar, navigation bar, battery, nav-ring, lock screen, notifications, Dynamic Color Changer, HALO, OmniSwitch, loads more.

Download: Liquid Smooth ROM