The Huawei Honor 4X is a great phablet released in October of 2014. Since it is now starting to age and is a popular device, we have third-party developers creating custom ROMs for the device. Not only do we have developers, but some of the best developers have been working on this one. You can find an official CyanogenMod custom ROM, a sweet ROM by the Mokee team, CrDroid and more! A custom ROM will replace the stock ROM on the Huawei Honor 4X smartphone — you cannot have both at the same time. You can, however flash the stock ROM on your Honor device later and remove the custom ROM.

Huawei Honor 4X

Files You Need

  • You sometimes need to root the Huawei Honor 4X before you can install a custom ROM on the device. Most custom ROMs for your Honor 4X will come pre-rooted and therefore do not require root access.
  • You need to have installed a custom recovery on the Huawei Honor 4X before you can install any custom ROMs on the device. It usually doesn’t matter what custom recovery you decide to install, but sometimes a ROM does require specific recovery to load. You’ll see those details from its XDA Developers thread if required.


FIUI ROM sounds familiar to MIUI and believe me, its similar in features too. FIUI ROM is also only home screen based ROM (no app drawer), you have to put your apps and widgets to the same place: Home screen. The system UI has been revamped and looks excellent, the lockscreen also has some great features to customize the functionality of the ROM. If you don’t like slim notification bar, then this custom ROM is not for you.

Features: Based on Android 4.4 KitKat, in call UI is really fast and smooth, all of the Chinese apps are removed from this ROM, battery backup has been improved (way more backup when ART is enabled), OTA updates are available, change music with volume keys when phone is locked.

Download FIUI ROM


Here comes the ROM which claims to be Chinese iOS. At first this custom ROM is only a small piece of software but look now how things have changed. Xiaomi is Asia-Pacific Gold winner of the year 2015. Now you can experience the same that Xiaomi users experienced with MIUI. One of the developers had ported MIUI V6 for Huawei Honor 4x and you can also install this custom ROM on your phone. Take a look at the features to know more about MIUI.

Features: Android 4.4 KitKat-based, zip-aligned, de-bloated, deodexed, MI cloud, Chinese apps and glitches removed, improved camera better than before, better battery backup, MIUI default sounds for notification, call and messages, better storage management and RAM management.

Download MIUI V6 ROM

CyanogenMod 11:

If you want real speed and performance out of your Honor 4x then you should go for this custom ROM. It’s Android 4.4 KitKat-based and this custom ROM consists of some unique features with which you can increase your phone’s capacity. You can also overclock your phone’s processor (only do that if you know what are you going to so). All the necessary tweaks that everyone needs in its rooted Android device are pre built-in this custom ROM like the torch, toggle in quick toggles, theme engine, multi window, CPU control and lock screen shortcuts. More features ahead.

Features: Custom kernel for better performance and battery, enable KSM, enable KCAL, use open source charger, enable CPU boost, enable USB mass storage, enable FLAC offload, enable camera ZSL mode, enable voice recording during the call, upgrade adreno driver from tomato.

Download CyanogenMod 11 ROM

CyanogenMod 12.1 (Unofficial):

If you want to update your Honor 4x to the latest Android OS then you should try this CM 12.1 custom ROM which is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and imitates the interface and features of the same. The CM12.1 custom ROM is smoother and faster than before. You can run all the apps that need Android 5.0 Lollipop and up to work. Since this is an unofficial build, it means this ROM is not made by the CM team so this ROM could have some bugs, but a developer reported that this custom ROM doesn’t have any bugs at all, so you can use this ROM for a daily driver.

Features: based on Android 5.1 Lollipop, Lollipop plat logo, developer mode and USB debugging is enabled as default, ambient display (control your phone by just hovering your palm across the screen), live display (keep you eyes from strain at night), custom dpi changer,app drawer transitions, modified Google Now launcher, status bar customization and tinting.

Download CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM

crDroid ROM:

The crDroid custom ROM is Android 4.4 KitKat-based slim custom ROM which only cares about performance, smoothness, battery performance, and also some UI customization techniques. I recommend you install this custom ROM because you can do a lot more with this custom ROM installed on your phone. For example, you can move some apps to the SD card, and clear the cache with one touch to boost the performance. Furthermore, this custom ROM is debloated, which means this custom ROM only includes the basic apps that you need not all those that comes in package so you can have more room on your phone for extra important things.

Features: Volume panel time out extended, slim recents panel, on/off navigation bar, ticker notifications, lock apps on recents panel, slim ROM custom lock screen shortcuts, slim dim, four tiles per row, sound options on power menu, 4 way reboot in power menu, CAF task manager, slim PIE controls with all options working, system apps adder and remover, battery saver enhancements and wakelock blocker.

Download crDroid ROM

Mokee ROM 5.1.1:

Mokee ROM is a highly customize-able custom ROM with lots of UI customizing options with which you can customize every bit of your phone’s UI like apps drawer, home screen, notification drawer and even your phone’s DPI settings to make your phone looks bigger.

Features: Android 5.1.1  Lollipop based, fix CPU hotplug, added vibrations intensity, updated memory manager from Qualcomm, merge a bunch of kernel updates from Qualcomm base-line, updated thermal driver from Qualcomm, enabled MTP for default, update low memory killer.

Download Mokee ROM 5.1.1

CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly ROM

This is the official CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly custom ROM that is really made by the CyanogenMod team. You might remember seeing a different CyanogenMod ROM above in the list, but that one is the unofficial build. The official build is made by CyanogenMod and is by far the better custom ROM to install on your Huawei Honor 4X.

Features: open sourced charger, CPU hot plug is fixed, call recording is added, added support for F2FS, added double-tap-to-wake, added glove mode, Init scripts from Qualcomm’s latest baseline, added HW-based crypto support, Updated the thermal driver from Qualcomm, Enhanced WiFi signal strength, Fix FLAC playback for some players, Fixed multi-color battery, Fixed notification LED, plus loads more.

Download CyanogenMod 12.1

The list of best custom ROMs for your Huawei Honor 4X will continually be updated with new ROMs when we find them.