The Amazon Fire Phone was talked about for years before its eventual release. You could say the release didn’t go as planned, and it did not sell as well as Amazon would have hoped. There is a great deal to like about the Amazon Fire Phone, though, and it represents one of the best value for money smartphone buys out there on the market today.

We know that one reason why people do not buy the Amazon Fire Phone is it’s geared toward using Amazon’s online services and not the traditional Google services. That wouldn’t be a problem if Amazon’s service could offer what Google services offer, but they cannot. Nothing that comes pre-installed with the Fire OS on your Fire Phone can come close to matching the app you can download from the Google Play Store.

Amazon Fire Phone

The great news is that there are ways around this. Those savvy enough can shop for the Fire Phone and install the Google Play Store. Furthermore, you can get the Android market and much more services by installing a custom ROM on the Amazon Fire Phone.

Files You Need

CyanogenMod 11 ROM

The only custom ROMs currently available for the Fire Phone require Safestrap. For those who don’t already know, Safestrap is a custom recovery and the same custom recovery you will be installing on your device when you follow our guide that is available in the file section above. The CyanogenMod 11 ROM is listed as stable, which means it is running well enough to install on your daily drivers.

CyanogenMod 11

CyanogenMod custom ROMs are built to give your Fire Phone are better ROM than the one that comes with the device. You should find it faster and more stable than your current ROM when the CyanogenMod ROM is built by the official team. newer version of the CyanogenMod custom ROMs like the CM12.1 also come with a faster browser than easily outperforms Google Chrome.

Features: based on Android 4.4 – Android 4.4.4 KitKat, Linux 3.4,

Download: CyanogenMod 11 ROM 

SlimKat ROM

The SlimKat custom ROM is the other alternative out there for the Amazon Fire Phone. SlimKat is a well-known name in the Modding scene, with many ROMs out there for a range of unique devices and manufacturers.


Features: Android 4.4 — 4.4.4 KitKat, based on SlimKat, Linux 3.4, is a stable ROM.

Download: SlimKat custom ROM 

We will update the list of best custom ROMs for the Amazon Fire Phone when we see more available.