Since its release two days ago, BBM for Android and IOS has caused much more of a stir than I think anyone would have guessed. From collecting over 10 million downloads in 24 hours and needing a waiting list to get a grasp of the sheer amount of orders, into the accusations that followed them today of cheating in the comments of the apps by inserting spam themselves.

Hard to believe there would be a reason to pay out people to comment when they are getting so many downloads — people obviously like it a lot already without the need for help. But at the same time, spam comments are often easily recognizable. I will keep all opinions to myself since I did not take a look personally, but I will say that I have left a comment before that the owner didn’t appreciate because they thought it looked fake even though I was actually being very genuine. Sigh.


Whatever your take is, it doesn’t matter for this next bit of news: BBM now has a newer version that users can update to via this APK. It will just get rid of the bugs that were found before. If you’re already experiencing a smooth application, then there’s no desperate need to put a halt to all of your plans just to download the app, but if you have nothing better to do it will be worth your while.

There were some devices that run Android that did not get on the list of being compatible with BBM. If the one you own, including phone and tablet, did not make it, then you can use BBM now with this updated version.

Download BBM for Android