If you’re an NBA fan like myself you might already know tip-off starts tonight for around about half of the league, including my very own Houston Rockets. The NBA is a long, grueling season with 82 teams all up. Sometimes even the biggest fans can struggle to keep up with its hectic schedule. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t let most of us be in front of the computer or television sets that often in a year.

The NBA Game Time app is a good solution to that problem if you own a Smartphone. It’s compatible for all major operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The update doesn’t have many new features, but it does come with a completely revamped UI to look at. As time goes on, this is common, and generally it will leave you happy with the last one you were using. I wish I could say that myself for the main site via computer, but I cannot just yet.

In 2012 the official NBA website switched over to being a WordPress site and since then it hasn’t received any updates. The first attempt was a rather poor one in my opinion because the schedule is a nightmare to try to find — it either will show you tomorrow’s games when you want today’s, or yesterdays when you want tomorrows. Moreover, a click of the schedule column will leave you just as confused about what day you are on, especially if you are living over the pond and away from the United Sates like myself where the dates are often different.

Navigation is always a tough thing to master on the mobile phones. There just doesn’t look like there’s enough space and areas to fulfil your every need from a developers point of view. For that reason, sometimes sites can seem not all there and leave its users scratching their heads as to where to find a particular menu. Gladly, we can say that there has been some changes in this version on the navigation of that app, and it is a lot easier to understand now. If you want a copy of it you can hit up the links below.

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