WinParrot is a free application that has just been to make your repetitive tasks much faster, in fact, in no time. If you often do certain things on your PC that repeats after an interval of time, then you will find the WinParrot a useful tool.

This tool automates your repetitive tasks, which means that you have to show the app doing a task and next time, it will do it. Therefore, you don’t have to do that task any longer as this tool will do it for you. WinParrot works well on any Windows version, be it XP or Windows 7. With this tool, you can quickly fill up the web forms using the data from an Excel spreadsheet. It works like any other Windows app, though novice users might need to learn few things first to start using this app.


WinParrot can be downloaded from its official website for free. Since it is a portable tool, you can carry it on your USB drive for simple access on any computer. After downloading, run the app. The main interface provides you the options that help you to achieve your goals with this tool. You will find a toolbar beneath the Menu bar, which contains the standard buttons to getting started with the tool. Just click on File>>New to create a new job in the tool. Now, be ready to show up your task to the app so it can save it and do it for you the next time. Click on Record button to start recording your actions. As soon as you press the Record button, the app will automatically be minimized to the System tray, and you can use your PC as normal. When you finish doing your task, simply open up the app from the System tray and stop the Recording process. In the end, you will see a file in the WinParrot window that consists of the actions you just did. Save that file on your computer. Next time, whenever you want to do that task, only open up the saved file in this tool and hit the Play button. It will work on the commands saved in your file.


Download: WinParrot for Windows

Altogether the app is magnificent and useful for those who do repeat the particular tasks often. Give it a try and let us know how it was!

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