Remote Desktop is a feature which allows you to access someone’s desktop just like yours. You can do all the things on his PC that you do on your own PC, by just sitting in front of your PC.

By default, a utility comes in Windows OSes, which allows you to remotely access the other’s computer and help them solving the problem. TeamViewer is a most popular remote desktop software, which is a free software and allows you to access the remote desktop easily.


Recently, an extension for Google Chrome was launched named Chrome Remote Desktop BETA. It is an extension for the Chrome browser which lets you do the task which the other remote desktop software does. All you need to have is the chrome browser installed on your PC, then just download this extension and you will be good to assist someone using the remote desktop.
First of all, install the Google Chrome browser on your PC. If you have already installed it, then go further. Download the Chrome Remote Desktop BETA extension using the link given at the end and then install it.

As soon as you install the extension, you will be ready to use it. This extension provides secure access to the remote desktop computer, and you have to enter an authentication code in order to connect to the computer.

If you want to share your desktop with someone, then you will get a code which you have to provide to the person who is going to see your desktop remotely. That is a secure authentication code which will allow your friend to access your desktop remotely, do not share this code with anyone else.

Inverse to above, you can access someone’s desktop by entering the secure authentication code he provides to you. Just ask him for the code and enter it, and you will be able to access his desktop with your chrome browser.

This extension really comes in use for the ITdesk, where you can help your clients, friends in solving their problems, etc. just from your computer. All the things run inside the Chrome browser, so you don’t need any additional software to accomplish the task.

Download: Chrome Remote Desktop BETA