One of the most influential video games to ever hit mobiles has now released its latest chapter – this time it’s the Angry Birds Star Wars saga, and it’s coming for iOS Android and also Mac users as well. Rovio released a teaser image last week showing fans that Angry Birds might be going to the dark side and indeed it has now been confirmed they certainly are. Angry Birds fans will have to wait until November 8 to get their hands in this Angry Birds Star Wars game where it will be on shelves for all devices at the same time, so no favoritism.

Angry Birds Star Wars will have gameplay, character and the soundtrack heavily influenced by the George Lucas Star Wars series and because of this, the game is expected to be a worldwide phenomenon virtually overnight with most of the world being very familiar with Star Wars.

You can expect to see all of the well-known Angry Birds characters dressed up to take the part of the famous Star Wars characters without actually having any official Star Wars characters involved.

There’s also a bunch of fresh official merchandise coming out for the Angry Birds Star Wars game that should hit shelves well before it’s time to start the Christmas shopping spree. Things like board games, action figures, costumes and all other things alike you can think of will be brought out into stores and probably will be available online too.