Crash Course 3D Ice is a brand new game that comes to you in 3D. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have noticed how much 3D technology is taking over and looks to be the next-gen thing that’s just going to be everywhere. Even portable gaming makers are joining in on the action by releasing all kinds of 3D technology related products. Crash Course 3D Ice offers us the brilliance of a 3D experience without having to spend big on a new gaming unit though, which is what makes it so great.

So how does it do it? It supports its own special 3D glasses, nothing else required. You can see how it works from the featured image above. Without the glasses you get the image on the right hand side, put the glasses on and it comes to you in 3D.


Sounds great but will I be interested in the game? Maybe so, if you’re a fan of arcade shooter type games. And lets face it, if you’re using a mobile device you probably should be because they are perfect games for it.

If your thinking Crash Course 3D Ice  sounds alright but you’re not quite sure about it then that’s probably enough to tip you over the edge and get it already. If you don’t mind the idea of arcade shooters then your going to love the same concept except your zipping around the galaxy in 3D.

If your interested in it you can pick up your copy from this direct Google Play link.

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