If you’re the type that loves to learn all the time and you have a smartphone or tablet, you may want to consider downloading one of, or all of these  7 Cool Apps That Make You Smarter over time:



Have you ever wondered how certain things worked in life?  Let’s say that you wondered how a microwave worked, or how about a lamp?  What about why a country does something that doesn’t make sense? Whatever it may be, this cool app can educate you for you days on the wonders we experience daily in life.  This is an app that can truly keep you busy for hours at a time.

Countries of the World

With hundreds of countries in the world, it can be hard to memorize them all.  This cool app teaches you were the countries are located, some fun facts, their flag and best of all, it will quiz you to see how well you know your stuff.  If you want to learn about the countries, this is a great free app to consider.

Today in History

For all of those who really enjoy history, the Today in History app gives you a piece of history on the current day.  Learn about historic events,
fun facts and read about things you didn’t know about what happened today.

Train your Brain

Do you feel that you just can’t remember things like you used to?  If you want to make your brain stronger and faster, then the Train your Brain app
is a great one to consider.  This app has a variety of logic puzzles, games, quizzes and more that are designed to help you have fun and build
your brain power all at the same time.


TED is a massive database filled with hundreds of knowledgeable videos on just about any topic imaginable.  Whether you want to listen to a lecture or watch it, there are going to be hundreds of lectures taught by many experienced individuals that you can enjoy.  Topics on this app are going to range anywhere from overseas problems to education in America.  No
matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for you here.

Pocket CFO

For those that want to learn more about the financial side of business, this is the app to consider.  This app features graduate level college courses and advanced quizzes to help you learn more about business finance, accounting and anything really related to the corporate setting.


Yes, the game scrabble can really make your brain work harder than it has ever before!  This great game that you’re probably familiar with will help you learn with building words, boost your word score and come up with strategies to beat out your opponent.

This is just a few of the many great apps on the market that can truly make you feel smarter.  If you feel that you need to give your brain a boost, consider these fun apps to help your brain grow!