Just under a week ago I posted the first trailer in the Angry Birds Star Wars series that is going to be the first of about 7 or 8. The trailer included real footage taken from Stars Wars and this second trailer is much the same.

Angry Birds Star Wars has really taken off over the past few days. It seems Angry Birds fans (who have been gravitating towards the Star Wars them with the last Angry Birds Space) and Star Wars fans are uniting as one as people who both can’t wait to get their hands on this one.


Thankfully, there’s been no shortage of cool things for fans to check out while they wait in between trailers either – fans can head over to the official Angry Birds place and check out lots of stuff for the up and coming game. There’s loads of clips, artwork, comics and lots of other bits and pieces. While you’re at it you might as well give your vote on whose side it is that your on in the pole they have going.

Below is a pic taken from the official Angry Birds Tumblr page:

And here is the second installment of the Angry Birds Star Wars trailer:

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