There’s been a few of the 4.4. KitKat leaks, but every time we go to cover them, they turn out to be false testimonies. On that note it might be a good idea to take this one with a grain of salt, although this has the making of being true, much more than the others.

The first thing you notice is the background. It has a similar look to the Jelly Bean with the same kind of dimensions, but it almost looks more zoomed in than the others. This is prominent on all of the different screens that hold the key to different features also.

The lock screen is completely different with white icons overlapping the blue background color which looks really neat.

On the lock-screen there is an extra area on the right hand side, this is marked with a much darker, almost black color. From here you can launch the camera app straight from the screen. To do so simply swipe your hand to the left hand side.

The Quick Start screen has been reduced to only two apps — the camera and phone. It has a similar styled theme being shown, but it features more of a 3D look with some cubes.

The same wallpaper then spread all the way to the app drawer also instead of it having its usual black color.

The reason I say these screenshots look to hold more merit than the others is because there isn’t any murmurs of them being false anywhere than I can find. Furthermore, it probably looks like the most legit good quality pictures we have seen. It also integrates a nice follow on from the last Jelly Bean operating system.

The images show the Android 4.4 running on the new Nexus 5, which matches up as the mobile it should be coming to us at first. This device is expected to be launching soon, and it has long been rumored as the phone to have the first ever version of Kit Kat on board.