If you sign up to use AT&T as a carrier after the 25th of October this year, then you will be forced into a new mobile share plan the U.S based company has explained in an announcement earlier today. This will be fully enforced to those who are looking at beginning a new 2 year deal instead of buying the phone outright.

The new idea will put a stop to any of the other services which were open to customers, making things more flexible, and often feasible for them.

AT&T has come out and said that the reason for this is that the share plans are the much better deal anyway, and the others are nowhere near as popular. While that might be the case, it doesn’t exactly explain why putting an end to them would be a good idea for the consumer.

Those people who are already on a plan will be allowed to continue it until it has finished like the current arrangement would suggest. You can even jump in before the deadline, which is the 25th of the this month, and remain on one of the older deals.

If things don’t work out we can only assume AT&T will begin to rethink their plan ideas, so there is always optimism heading into the future also.