The LG Nexus 5X is the latest smartphone from the Google Nexus franchise and was released alongside the Nexus 6P. These are the first and only smartphones which Google released with a sub model name, but there is nothing in these smartphones that makes it a sub smartphone. The Nexus 5X is a fully-loaded smartphone with the best specs ever and as this smartphone is Google’s official Nexus smartphone, so it should be fitted with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS — which is currently the most amazing OS ever.

Still, if you don’t like the latest Android OS and want to try something new on your Nexus 5X, then try one of the custom ROMs available on internet made by some popular custom ROM makers. Custom ROMs will extend some features of your smartphones like more having customization, performance and stability. Different custom ROM makers make their custom ROMs focused on some special abilities of the smartphone. That’s why I listed all the custom ROM available on internet, so you can easily choose one of them whichever is the fit for you.

LG Nexus 5X

You need to do some preparation before installing any custom ROM on your phone:

These are the best custom ROMs for the LG Nexus 5X smartphone:

Photon AOSP 6.0:

Photon AOSP 6.0 custom ROM is fast and performance packed custom ROM built from pure AOSP build to make it lite and fast. Photon AOSP custom ROM gives you the best mobile experience on your same old Nexus 5X.

Features: Android 6.0 Marshmallow based, rooted with SuperSU, busy box installed, customize-able hostname added, multi-window support, layers 4.0 support, wake on plug, double tap to wake/sleep. Wi-Fi calling support, init.d support.

Download Photon AOSP 6.0 ROM

Pure Nexus Project:

As the name says Pure Nexus Project gives you pure Nexus device experience with layers support. Pure Nexus ROM will give your phone lots of stability and performance, you will get all the basic things you need in your Nexus 5X smart phone.

Pure Nexus Project

Features: Based on AOSP 6.0, full layer 4.0 support, disable tethering checks, scrolling cache improvements, UI improvements, customize lock screen short cuts, weather on status bar, force expanded notification, navigation bar enable/disable, option to disable secure lock.

Download Pure Nexus ROM

Chroma ROM:

Chroma ROM has been landed for Nexus 5X with some extraordinary improvements. Chroma ROM is filled with lots of customization options you will find them in settings menu. This build of Chroma ROM have all the features as the stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Chroma ROM

Features: Battery style, clock and date, double tap on status bar to sleep, kill app back button, clear all recents button, power menu, lock screen wallpaper, memory leak fix, prevent camera shutter sound, long press volume keys to change track while screen is off.

Download Chroma ROM

CleanCore ROM:

Clean Core ROM is basically Nexus 5X’s stock ROM with lots of customization and fixes so it would look good with your same old smart phone. This ROM is trimmed for better storage and performance, only the useless apps are removed like news stand, wallet, hangout and more.

Features: Made from stock factory firmware image, Android 6.0 Marshmallow based, trimmed out all useless bloat-wares, Google apps removed, customization options in settings menu.

Download CleanCore ROM


Frank ROM is totally based on AOSP 6.0 for better performance and smooth user interface. Frank ROM don’t have any thing that you won’t need in everyday usage of your smart phone like Google keep and wallet but added some good features which you never think of.

Features: Layers support, day/night theme switcher from M preview, init.d support, advanced reboot, SuperSU flashed with the ROM, volume rocker wake, volume rocker cursor control, long press quick settings control, stock like feel.

Download Frank AOSP ROM

crDroid 6.0 ROM:

crDroid was popular for making version update custom ROM for low-end devices but now it started making custom ROMs for high and mid ranged smart phones. The main features of crDroid ROM is stability and performance, you will only believe when you try it once.


Features: Slim dim, ticker notification, nav bar on,off, slim ROM custom lock screen short cuts, superuser indicator, power menu customization, four tiles per row, ADBlocker, system apps adder and remover.

Download crDroid custom ROM

Sirius AOSP ROM:

Another custom ROM which is based on AOSP 6.0 and stock base but this version is clean and packed with awesome performance. Sirius ROM is also packed with some enjoyable and good features which will make this ROM more cooler than ever.

Features: Based on AOSP 6.0, pre-rooted with SuperSU, init.d support, addon.d support, fully working VoLTE, advanced rotation settings, enabled developer settings by default, disable tethering checks, disable force encryption, RRO layer support, verity check removed.

Download Sirius AOSP ROM

Nexus 5X stock ROM:

Whenever I get stuck to a situation which makes my smart phone heartless, I always use stock ROM of my smart phone to get it back to life. If you felt the same way then you should also use this stock ROM to recover your Nexus 5X.

After installing stock ROM your phone will get restore back to the factory settings and then you have to set it up again when you done it when its new. It also revoke root access and removes the custom recovery you installed.

But the good news is that you will get back your phone’s warranty if it gets void while installing custom ROM (only applicable for some brands).

Download Nexus 5X Stock ROM

You also need to install Google apps zip file as you install the custom ROM, download the Google apps zip file according to the custom ROM from here. Read how to install Google apps on any custom ROM here.