There are many custom ROMs available for the HTC One M7 smartphone that you can install on your device. All you need to do is install a custom recovery and you are ready to start flashing the ROM zip files on your device. A custom ROM is made by third-party M7 developers who want to bring you a different UI you can use on your device. Another popular reason to install a custom ROM on the M7 handset is to update your software version if your official OTA’s are coming too slowly for your liking.

ViperOne M7 ROM

The ViperOne M7 ROm is based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and mixed with the Sense 6.0 user-interface. The current version of the ViperOne ROM is a stable version and has been that way since Marsh of 2015.

ViperOne ROM

Features: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, Venom Pie, Venom Hub, Venom tweaks, Venom theming, CPU manager, its own SuperUser, a File Manager, 3-finger gesturing, Quick Settings, Button manager, OTA’s, kernel manager and package installer.

Download the ViperOne ROM

Avatar ROM

The Avatar ROM is another ROM out there based on Cyanogen, so if you like using the Cyanogen ROMs, you should check this one out. Most people enjoy installing the Avatar ROM on the M7 because it comes with MIUI themes. The Avatar ROM is based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and CM 10.1 so it is an older custom ROM.

Features: status bar, theme chooser, Bazooka launcher, messaging app, settings, font theming, lockscreen, framework, theme editor, layout theming, Weebo, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM.

Download Avatar ROM

Dirty Unicorns

The Dirty Unicorns ROM is one of the more stable custom ROMs you will find available for the HTC One M7 handset. These custom ROMs have been given a great deal of attention to detail and come with awesome features. Dirty Unicorns have had help from some of the best names in the business, including AOKP, OmniROM, ChaOS, Team Black Out, Slim ROMs, Paranoid Android, PreLude Drew and CyanogenMod.

Dirty Sources

Features: Option to disable FC notifications, Facebook Sync Hack, Ad-free toggle (Hosts file manager), Immersive mode, Appbar (ribbons), Customizable power menu, Customizable Quick Settings, Customizable lockscreen shortcuts, TRDS (built-in theme in settings), Button Light Notification, Custom BusyDialog, Blacklist calls/sms, SlimROM based recents, Driving Mode, Toast Animations, SuperSU (chainfire), Halo (multi-tasking tool), Active Display (Moto X notifications), Contextual notification panel headers.

Download Dirty Unicorns


The SinLessROM probably comes with one of the coolest names and logos out of any ROM we have found. The SinLessROM is made by Team Nocturnal and is an exclusive custom ROM for T-Mobile HTC One users. You cannot use this ROM on any other device. people who install this ROM install it for its incredible battery performance, plus it’s fast and clean and comes with many modifications.

SinLess ROM

Features: rooted, Odex, Heavily Debloated, Busyboxed, T-Mobile WiFi Calling, Native APM coming, boot.img insecure, HTC logging crap taken out, Ram Optimization Tweaks, Prism Tweaks, Volume Wake, Sound Tweaks with Viper4Android, ROM has been highly debloated, Zero Compression on all system APKs, Fast & Clean, buttery smooth, Many system tweaks.

Download the SinLessROM


The CandyKat custom ROM is one of the most highly customizable ROMs out there for your HTC One device. It’s aim is to give you a fun operating system and UI, so if you are into installing new ROMs purely for the fun, you might like to give this one a try.

CandyKat ROM

Features: HALO, Candy Sweetener, Battery LED Customization, Custom Candy Images, Custom Battery Icons, Screen Record w/ Mic Support, Non-Intrusive Dialer Option, Google ID Dialer, Center/Color Clock, Quick launch QuickSettings tiles from status bar, Lockscreen Blur, Transparency and Rotation, Multi-Window, LockScreen Targets/Widgets.

Download the CandyKat ROM


The OSE ROM stands for Open Source Evolution and is about as open sources and things get. The OSE ROMs is one of the best, and comes to you really fast, stable and jam-packed full of features.


features: Based On CM 11, Xposed Framework, Multi-Window, Custom Navbar Options, Custom Battery Options, Init.d Support, OSE Toggled Theme, Per-APP DPI Settings, PIE Navigation, Custom Clock Options, CRT Animation Control, Init.d Tweaks.

Download the OSE ROM


The Illusion ROM is based on Slim ROMs works, so if you have used one of the Slim ROMs before, you’d know how great a foundation these Illusion ROMs have to work with. The IllusionRom team also has help from many of the big names in the industry, including Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, AOKP and TeamBaked. With such talent working on the ROM, it’s hard to believe this will be anything but smooth.


Features: Dark UI, LCD Density Settings, Per-App Permissions Manager, Low Battery Warning, Custom Hardware Keys, Notification Drawer Options, Custom Lockscreen Sliders & Shortcuts, PIE Controls, Power Widget Settings, Custom Statusbar Options, Custom Phone Settings, Integrated Superuser, Permissions Management, Illusion Settings & ROM Control, Dual Pane, cLock, Widgets Viewpager, Power sound on plug-in/plug-out, Navbar Customizations, Power Menu Controls, Custom QuickSettings, Custom Sounds Settings, Custom MMS Settings, Trebuchet.

Download the Illusion ROM


Everyone knows the Liquid Smooth custom ROMs because they are available for nearly all of the main devices out there in the world. They continue to make ROMs because they are popular and they are popular because they are great ROMs. You can install LiquidSmooth ROMs on your device knowing that it will be stable and fast. These ROMs are based on Android Open Source Project.

Features: Google GCC 4.7 Toolchain, C++11 Mode, Misc other Linaro and Code Aurora Optimaztions, Chronus clock widget, Transparent navbar and status bar, Navigation bar widgets, Notification power widget, Statusbar mods, Quiet hours, Full Rotation, -O3 Strict-Aliasing (Linaro), Optimized String Handling Routines (Linaro/Sony), Customizable lockscreen buttons and sliders, Customizable hardware and software keys, Customizable navbar ring, Customizable power menu, Customizable quicksettings panel, Theme engine, Volume rocker music controls, Customizable battery and notification light.

Download the LiquidSmooth ROM