In the beginning of Email it was a long process to send or receive mail — you need a PC and an internet connection. In that time, an internet connection was also not fast as today, so it takes too much time to open the webpages. Now though, we have Google Fiber which can give you a speed of 900 Mbps. And today’s smartphones are getting so much more powerful that sometimes it beats a normal PC (at least mine is double powerful than my PC) in speed. You can do each task in your phone that you use to do on your PC.

So this is easy to say that you can even check your mail or reply using your phone only. But you need an application to do that on your phone and the problem is that lots of email client apps are available in the market and you have to choose the best one for you. Don’t worry, I will make it easy for you today I will tell you about 7 most popular and best email client app for your phone which makes your life easy with emails.

Cloud Magic app

G Mail:

This is the default email app comes with all Android devices. This app is not so good in earlier Android versions, but in Android 5.0 lollipop Google made a lot of changes in this app. The first and the biggest change is you can manage multiple accounts in the same app, with which you can manage your Google account as well as yahoo account in the same app. The interface is good and you just have to swipe any mail to delete them off your account.

Microsoft Outlook:

As you know Microsoft also have its email service named as Outlook. Recently Microsoft also updated its Outlook app to work more seamlessly. The Microsoft Outlook app also have a multiple account feature with Drop-box and One drive. Microsoft is known for it’s interface and the example of one can be seen on this app also, this app also have mail swipe feature but there are different actions for different directions like swipe to the right to delete the mail and swipe left to flag that mail.

The main and special feature in this app is the inbuilt Calender app, Yes! this app has an inbuilt calendar app which makes it easier to remind every event easily.

Inbox By G Mail:

Inbox app from G mail is the best app for you if you only have Google account not others. This app has features like reminders, you can set reminders for your memory and it will notify you at the right time. This app also has a feature which bundles all the similar messages so you can manage them or get rid of them easily with only one swipe.

As you know Google gave material design to its latest version of Android 5.0 lollipop, and now Google is updating each and every app with this material design and this one also gets materialized. So don’t worry about the interface you’ll love it.

Type Mail:

If you are a “Simple Elegant” type person then you should try this app. This app has a very simple interface and multi account feature is also available. This app is also material design and have an option to change the theme to dark mode which made it easier to read mail in dark area. You can also password protect your mails in this app. You can also read mails using this app on your android wear also which makes this app a perfect package. And some of the great features of this app is rich text signature, mobile printing, widgets for home screen and may more.

 Cloud Magic Email:

The best interface in E Mail app ever used (in my opinion), i bet you’ll love the interface of this app. Rest is same as other apps multi accounts, attach files directly from drop box, password to make your mails safe. The best feature of this app is that you can this app is that you can wipe all of your data remotely if you lose your phone or tablet.

this app can also be attached with your favorite apps like one note, Wundelist, Evernote, Trello, Todolist, Instapaper and many more good reminder and note making app.


This app does only one thing! manage your mails. The fast and easy interface, swipe to archive or delete. You can also snooze incoming mails so you can check them later and focus on what’s important. If you need an app to manage your apps and nothing else, then this app is for you only. Ryan Lawler from Tech Crunch,

My Mail:

The best ever E mail client app with interface suitable for tablets. This app does everything you need in any E mail managing app. I use this on my android tablet and i love it. You can make a custom signature for your outgoing mails for free. You can also make free My mail account for free and use it.

These are some handpicked E mail apps for you and if you know one other than those you can tell me using the comment section below.