If you are getting tired of typing lengthy messages to someone using your Android phone with that tiny virtual keyboard; if you want Apple Siri or Google Now like assistant on your android phone, or if you need an assistant on your Android device which can make notes for you by just saving it then you are at the right place. Today I’ll tell you about 5 of the best voice to text converting apps for your Android phone with which you can perform some tying tasks easily.

1. ShoutOUT – Speech-to-Text


ShoutOUT is a very good and easy to use app for your Android smartphone that writes a message for you just by saying the text. ShoutOUT has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use and has a hands free mode by which you can reply to incoming text without touching your device. You can also compose a message using this app by just saying it to your phone.

ShoutOUT has some features like voice addressing, Speech-to-text, hands free, composition, reply and calling, Smart-word editing, speak-able punctuation, threaded discussions, popup notifications and text to speech (you can hear your written message). The ShoutOUT app is only limited to a messaging app on your phone; you can’t use this app to convert your voice to text for any other application. This app is compatible with Android 2.1 and up. This app is best for you if you want to look cool among your friends by just saying the text to your phone.

This app has a issue that your phone will show two message notification instead of one. To solve this you have to disable notification in stock messaging app.

2. Speech to Text Extension for Evernote

Evernote is the best note taking application on an Android device for taking notes. Using this note making application you can take notes anywhere and anytime. You can also take notes with free hand writing in Evernote. You can also lock Evernote app with PIN code so no one can get access to your notes without your permissions. You can create to do lists and notebooks. You can also save your notes to cloud so you can never lose them. After installing Evernote, you need to install Speech to Text extension for Evernote to make your phone take notes when you tell it to do so. This app needs android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up to run on your Android device so if you are running an older version of Android better update it to android 4.0 or up.


3. Vlingo Virtual Assistant

If you fancy iPhone Siri voice assistant and want it on your Android device then your search is now over. Meet “Vlingo Virtual Assistant” made by Vlingo Corporation for Android devices with which Android users also get a virtual assistant for their device. You can control your phone using this assistant. You can control social networking app like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. You can update your Facebook status by saying “Update Facebook” followed by desired status.

You can also try to say some commands like “find restaurants around me”, “call Mathew” or “open camera” to perform some tasks in no time.


4. Google Now Launcher

The Google Now Launcher is the best launcher for Android devices (pre-installed if you have Google device) it will give you two benefits — one is it will give you stock Android interface and second is it will give you a personal assistant for your Android device. After installing this launcher on your android device you can access Google Now voice search just by saying “OK Google”. You can also perform some tasks like search web for you, check weather condition or launch any application installed on your device.

Google Now Android M

5. Push to Talk

Yet another application to help you typing your text messages for you just by saying the message to this application. Now you don’t have to waste your time to type message for you. Using this app you can type messages and send them right away, you can also control some social networking apps on your phone.

These are the apps with which you can control your phone using your voice. If you have some suggestions or apps you want to share with us then do not hesitate, just post them in the comment section below. Do like and share this post with your friends.

Push To Talk Android

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