Well, your Android Phone gets slower day by day. Tired installing cleaning apps to clean  your device, that seems as reliable apps but are actually placebos; doing nothing just occupying space and contributing to malware? Worry not, here we’re presenting a list of apps that don’t contribute to junk but instead are surprisingly useful. We have thoroughly investigated these apps and would recommend you to install them. So the apps mentioned below are worth your time and device. So what are you waiting for? Dive in now!

SD Maid (Free)

Snap! All your file storage is cluttered. SD Maid is here to help. It’s a maintenance app designed to clean up the storage. It analyses the storage and removes unused folder that are left during the uninstallation of apps. Also, it acts as a file manager so that you can manage your files easily.

This app lets you do periodic cleansing so that you can free up some space on your device. Although, free version offers decent features, more features can be unlocked with a purchase.

sd maid

CCleaner (Free)

First of all on our list is CCleaner. Yep, you heard it right, its the same app that you used to clear up junk on your Desktop. Well, it’s also like the other apps which analyse your phone’s memory and storage and remove away the waste material that takes up your valuable space.

Secondly, its main function is to clear histories, purge empty folders and delete cache from apps. Also, it has got a simple app manager that lets you pick multiple apps for uninstallation. Not to mention its System Info page displays your phone’s resources and applications, so you’re vigilant enough to see what’s going on your phone.

Lastly, it doesn’t need root permission and it’s totally free. Although, it’s packed with moderately low features but it’s a good alternative.


Watchdog Task Manager (Free/Paid)

Well, to make you understand the use of this app, I’ll use quote a line from its description on Play Store:

Stop killing your apps randomly. Start monitoring them with Watchdog.

This is what we’re doing; in order to make your phone faster we kill any app we see on Task Killer, but it isn’t good for the health of the mobile. This app will tell you which other applications are using your memory and resources the most. Also, it will notify you when an app is using a lot of CPU memory.

The premium version includes all the features of lite(free) version but with AD-free version and ‘blacklist’ feature. Blacklist feature allows you to pick a single app; if that app is misbehaving our over consumes RAM it will automatically assassinate the app. Functional! Isn’t it? Well, it is.


Clean Master (Free)

With almost 19 million votes, up with a 4.5-star rating should signify its great features and popularity. It removes junk, improves your device rather fluidifies it and safeguard your data from any harm.

Hot! Is this what you feel when you touch your device? Well, if this is the case then you should go with device cooler which kills the apps that are consuming more CPU energy and thus, making your device cooler a bit. Snap! That app wouldn’t download, just because of insufficient space. Worry Not! Junk File Cleaner is here for rescue; it will destroy all the cache and the useless files. Also, an App Manager would help you remove bloatware from your device.

It also includes features such as CPU booster and Memory Booster. Too, it has an Antivirus scan that acts as a shield against malware and viruses. I would strongly recommend this to anyone trying to enhance his/her smartphone.


Greenify (requires root; Free)

Some of your apps draining your smartphone’s resources, battery and bandwidth? Worry not! Greenify is here for rescue. What basically it does is, put an app to hibernate so that it can’t access system resources. However, the app will run perfectly fine in the foreground when the user wants to run the app. So, don’t tangle up with an task killer if you’ve Greenify installed.

If you buy the premium(donation) pack it will activate some experimental features. They are meant for use by advanced users. So us this donation app carefully.


Startup Manager (Free)

Loading…….Loading……….Loading…. If this is the case with your smartphone reboot then the perfect solution is Startup Manager. You always wonder, why your smartphone takes so much time while booting up. Well, this is all because of apps. Yeah! Because of apps. Some apps, unnoticeably, add itself to startup list which renders to increased time for boot up.

Startup Manager analyses all the apps running on startup including system and user apps. And if there’s any app you want to remove, simply tap. And too, the app works perfectly fine with un-rooted devices.


Duplicate Contacts & Utilities (Free / $1.99)

Are you an entrepreneur, a business employee or a person with many contacts. Well, you might be adding many contact numbers to your phone. So to remove duplicates you might use this app. So, waste no time finding Duplicate contacts when the app is handy.

Some of its other features include Duplicate Number Removal, Duplicate Name Removal, Duplicate Email Removal, Wipe Empty Contacts, Import/Export Contacts as PDF or XLS. Other features like Exact Duplicate Removal and Merge Duplicate Contacts can only be availed through a purchase.

It’s easy and works without any hassles. So, do your phone a favour and install this app and prevent redundancy.


3c Toolbox (requires root; Free)

3c Toolbox or Android Tuner(formerly) provides a geek with all kinds of diagnostic tools and tweaks. With it you can do tons of various operations. It encloses a task manager to manage and kill your apps, backing up or restoring APK files, CPU governor, voltage tweaks, usage and standby stats, DNS changer, wipe dalvik and a box full of stupendous tweaks.

With buying the premium version it lets you unlock features such as Hide any tabs or any menu item, Auto backup updated apps, Create multiple schedules, watchers and profiles, Extra widgets: 2×1 text, 2×1-5×2 graphic, 4×1-1×4 toggles and 4×4 summary, No Ads, Download notification icon packs directly from the app and many more. Its really a useful app for maximizing android’s potential.


1-Click Cleaner

History Eraser (Free / $1.99)

Worried because of people snooping through your browsing activities through your left history? I know you’re but to help with this problem History Eraser. Well, it would be very difficult if one had to go each history link and delete it. Thus, it’s very effective.

Within a single tap, you can clear out call logs, browser history, app caches and history, clipboard data, download data and a few more goodies. It works as a charm on non-rooted as well as rooted smartphones.

To remove advertisements, you need to pay for it. Otherwise, it’s an impressive app.


Where are Task Killers?

We deliberately didn’t include Task Killers as they are counterproductive and harm/slow down your device in a long run.

Full RAM, as referred in Android System is not bad instead Android purposefully keeps its RAM full. Android is intelligent and smart enough to handle these processes and any interference with these apps could bring out a slower device. It is a common myth that Task Killers improve the overall speed of the device.

In a nutshell, don’t use Task killers or automatic RAM boosters.

Final Thoughts

So what do you think of these apps? Which of these apps you use on your device? Are these apps any good to your mobiles or have they speed up your device? Let me know in the comments below!