In my recent post, I talked about how you can install the various widgets and themes on your Android smartphone without touching any sensitive files. All you needed was to just install the GO Launcher EX app from the Android Market at free of cost and then use it to install various customizable themes and widgets. In fact, the Go Launcher has made customizing your phone a lot easier as just a single tap would allow you to go through the Gallery of the Themes and the widgets and you can choose any of them that suits best for your Android Smartphone. Here, I have tried to cover 5 Free Android Themes, the themes which can be installed using the app above and these are the free themes. Go and enjoy!

GO Launcher ex

Cartoon Theme

This theme comprises various cartoon characters that you have enjoyed in your childhood. Made up of all these things, this fascinates the younger people out there and lets you remember your childhood once again. It’s a beautiful theme and has an appropriate background that allows us to scan the text on the screen. Give it a try to peep out in your childhood!

Honeycomb Theme

This theme is based on the Android OS, version 3 dubbed as Honeycomb. It is the version of the Android OS which is specially developed for the tablet computers and haven’t seen it on any smartphone, yet. If you want to try out how the Honeycomb looks like on your current Android phone, then you can consider installing this theme and have a great tablet experience on your tiny smartphone. Background of the theme looks awesome and has some good looking icons that enhance the experience of using the smartphone.

Windows 7 Theme

Based on the most popular and used OS, Windows 7, this theme has all the elements of a Windows OS that make it look like a Windows – Android smartphone. On the home screen, you will find the cool icons and the Windows wallpaper, the areas of the phone have also been customized to this theme and provides you overall good experience on your smartphone. If you love Windows, then it is a must for you to give this theme a try.

Uebdisain Theme (Aka Symbian Anna Theme)

Descended from the latest version of the Symbian OS, the Anna OS, this theme does contain all the icons that make you feel using a Nokia-Symbian Anna powered smartphone. Designed has taken all the elements from the Anna has done a good looking theme. I know that being an Android user, you wouldn’t like to have the Symbian, however giving it a try isn’t bad. Try it once; you will love it.

iPhone Android Theme

Who doesn’t like the iPhone? Well, for those who owns an Android smartphone but have strong urge to try out the iPhone once a time, this theme best fits your needs, and you will enjoy it. iPhone Android Theme has the icons, backgrounds that come with a real iPhone and you can now try out all these on your current smartphone without changing it with an iDevice. Apple fans would surely love to try this.

Above 5 Free Android Themes will surely help you to customize your phone at its best by installing the most popular themes available these days. Keep tuned with us for more customization tools for your smartphone.