Android is a mobile operating system from Google. These days, most of the mobiles which come in the market have this latest OS. To make the Android operating system better, there are many best Android Apps available in the Google Android Market.

Google Android Market is a place where you can download free and best android apps, games and other cool things. You will be confused which applications to use among other apps. Here are the Best Android Apps I have chosen which you can install on your Android device.


Here’s the list of what we think are currently some of the coolest applications available OT be installed on your Android operating system.

Talking Tom Cat

The Talking Tom Cat is the funny game of a cat. In this game, you can do tricks with the cat, like pinch him, play with him, grab her tail, etc. The cat also repeats the words which you say in front of your mobile in a funny voice and makes you laugh. All ages of people like this game especially the children. When there is no teddy bear available to play, this works like it. By playing this game, one can enjoy hours of time happily icon smile 5 Cool and Best Android Apps

Talking Tom Cat

Download: Talking Tom Cat


SoundHound is an android application for music lovers. By using this Android app, you can identify the songs by their tunes, artist, album name, etc. Just start SoundHound app and let it listen to the song, after few seconds, it will give you the exact name of the song and all the information about that song, like Song Artist name, Album name, Year, etc.


Download: SoundHound

IMDB Movies & TV

The IMDB is the famous Movies Database IMDB application. It lets you find the showtimes of a specific movie, watch latest movie trailers, read news about the films and know much more information about movies. You can see the movie information including the Director of the film, Producer, Actors, etc. The IMDB contains about 1.5 million movies and TV titles; you can search them using this application.

Download: IMDb Movies & TV


Another great app for Music lovers, but not for music listeners, for music composers. Solo is a virtual Guitar Player app in which you can play guitar and compose music without having to spend a big amount on a real guitar. You can’t take your real guitar anywhere, but you can take this virtual guitar with you anywhere in the world. It plays like a real guitar!

Solo app

Download: Solo

Ambling BookPlayer Pro

An Android App for Book Readers. You don’t have to read books anymore; this app will read it for you. You can choose books from thousands of titles available in the gallery and can listen to them. This app is useful when you are traveling and want to read books but can’t carry those big and cumbersome books with you.


Download: Ambling BookPlayer Pro

I hope the above mentioned Android Apps will help you choosing the best Android app for your device.