They say a Banker women lets you easily control your expenses but in reality, you do not have to go to that extent to manage your income and expenditure charts and ensure that they strike the perfect balance always. Even your Android powered phone can act as a personal financial assistant for you. Surprised? Well, there are tons of financial management applications available for download in the Play Store by Google. Here are our picks for the top financial planning apps or more specifically top budget preparation apps available in Android.


Fire Wallet

It is as sophisticated as the name itself. The Android game offers the best in class security for your personal and financial data that is being transferred or stored on your Android phone. It encrypts your data with a four digit code just like your ATM code. You can use it to manage budgets within various accounts using this app. What’s more, to ask, the app offers you with the graphical and chart based representation of your spending to give you a more precise view. The only thing we found lagging was the innovative design templates which are more than justifiable considering its other features.


Personal Budget Droid

If what you are seeking is simplicity in anything, then this app is just another word for simplicity. The Budget Droid can help you with all basic accounting steps and even let you include your transaction data manually to help the managers to manage more correctly with increased accuracy. Just because it does not mean that, it lacks in functionality. The app offers an exciting variety of service like


Touch Tip

If you regularly visit premium hotels, then your Smartphone cannot ignore this app as it offers a one-touch interface to calculate the tip amount you need to pay in a hotel in addition to the money you spent. This app has some core security features in addition to telling you where the nearest hotel.


Easy Money

Though this app gains its full momentum in the paid version, Easy Money is quite an effective financial manager application in your Smartphone. The latest avatar of the software features better usability, Faster data entry, View generated bills and pay them in advance if you wish. Right from the time it was released to now, this app has featured in the top 5, and it sure guaranteed that it would work as perfect for you.


If you do not mind registering an account elsewhere, then the Mint is a powerful app available on the Google Play store. In addition to being free, the app does quite a good job of showing you how well your assets are being managed. It works perfectly fine with any Android running device that is available today.

So with that, we come to the end of our session with the top budget apps in Android and hope you all got an idea of what to expect from these apps once you have installed and started using them for smaller tasks initially and then bigger as time proceeds.

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