If you are a person who is bored of shooting down zombies and want to get a game that engages you better without getting repetitive, Zombie Smasher is just the answer. The game is developed by Italy Games for various mobile phones platforms like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. In the game, the player has to defend his/her home from being invaded by the undead. The game requires the player to touch the zombies to kill them. Though originally meant for mobile phones, Zombie Smasher for PC Download also has become very famous among players.

Some interesting features of Zombie Smasher

Multiple modes: The game has multiple modes to play-Story Mode, Survival Mode, and Time Mode. Each mode has different levels of play.

Zombie breeds: The game has seven dangerous zombie races with different abilities and power. The player has to look out for zombies to kill them quick.

Amazing video quality and graphics: The game soars high on its intelligent and attractive UI and graphics. The audio quality needs special appreciation for the game.

Power-ups: The player can earn points that can be used to get power-ups. These power-sups can be used wisely to kill zombies and earn points.

It is sure that you would want to get Zombie Smasher for PC Download and play the same on your computer. Read on to understand the various methods to get Zombie Smasher for PC Download.

Since Zombie Smasher is developed for mobile phones, you cannot run the game on your PC right away. You need to get BlueStacks application that can make any Android application run on your PC. Read our guide on how to install BlueStacks on your PC to get more details on the same.
Methods to get Zombie Smasher for PC Download

Once you have BlueStacks on your PC, there are two easy ways to get Zombie Smasher for PC Download, and they are explained as follows.

Method 1: With the help of internet and BlueStacks

Open BlueStacks from your desktop, and you can see a search box on the application. Type “Zombie Smasher for PC” and press enter. BlueStacks will download the game and install it on your PC. You will be notified once the installation is completed. BlueStacks will create an icon on the application menu for the game, and the game can be opened from the icon created.

Method 2: With the help of the apk file and BlueStacks

Download the Zombie Smasher apk file Google play store. Once downloaded, open the file with BlueStacks. BlueStacks will ask your permission to run the apk file on your PC. Give the permission and BlueStacks will install the game on your PC. Once the installation process is complete, you will be notified with a pop-up on your screen. An icon for Zombie Smasher game will be created in the application menu of the BlueStacks application. You can launch the game from this icon whenever you need to play it on your PC.

These methods will help you get Zombie Smasher for PC Download without incurring any charges and the game will prove to be worth investing your time.