It’s a fantastic time for anyone who owns a Sony Xperia device from the Z series range as Sony are confirming that they all will receive Android 5.0 Lollipop. We know that none of that starts yet, however, since the fresh nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet are due first dips at the software as part of being under the Google name. Anyhow, what’s important today is a leaked firmware of Android 4.4.4 KitKat for the Xperia Z2 smartphone that users can try out before the official build starting arriving OTA.

Furthermore, since this is a leaked file, we know that means the real deal is likely coming soon. Therefore, if you don’t like tweaking or modding your device it’s a fine idea to wait out for the official over the air signals to arrive as a notification alerting you to update the software.

KitKat Google pack

There’s no features inside of the later stages of KitKat that rival what we are going to see from Lollipop from any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, if you don’t have anything on this weekend you can try it out for fun. Additionally, we know that a large part of the reason for rolling out the latter stages of KitKat is for security fixes and bug relief. if you are someone who suffers in those parts  updating is always essential.

After installing the 0.1.A.0.32 firmware, users will have additional features such as a similar user interface to that of the Xperia Z3. With it we get DUALSHOCK 4 controller support for the gamers, new Xperia themes, vivid color display mode, Ultra Stamina Mode, DSEE HX improvements, new Home launcher and more.

Since this is only a test build, we advise you backup the phones data so you don’t lose anything. Nobody predicts data loss for any official update issued by the manufacturers and phone carrier networks, however if a factory reset is needed, the data may be lost. Therefore, you should backup the contacts, call logs, SMS texts, videos, pictures, music files, market applications using helium for Android and anything else you can think that needs additional copies.

The zip file points us to the model number D6503 and no other. that means we only endorse downloading for that model. It won’t work for any other. You can turn the phone on, navigate to ‘Settings’ and tap the ‘About Device’ section and look at the model number of yours from there to see if it matches up with the corresponding numbers.

Download Android 4.4.4 KitKat for the D6503 here