Owners of the Sony Xperia M2 Dual should start getting ready for a potential over the air notification for a new software update. It isn’t rolling out just yet. However, the PTCRB are done certifying a new firmware build number with the digits 18.3.1.B.1.8. As I’m sure most of you already know, just because it’s up for grabs on the PTCRB website doesn’t mean it will definitely roll out OTA to device owners. Find out more news after the jump.

Judging from software experience, it can start rolling out in a few days to a few weeks from today, or even not at all. if you see a new system notification it likely is this build coming to you. We think there’s a great chance it does eventually come out. Furthermore, the official Open source archive for build numbers 18.3.1.A.1.7, 18.3.1.B.1.8, and 18.3.1.C.1.13 is available from this link.

Sony Xperia M2

We’ll post more on what’s inside the new firmware build after its release. That way we know what it does come with. We are not predicting this to be the Android 5.0 Lollipop that comes with the new material design user interface, Android RunTime, tap and go NFC payments, camera updates, smart notifications, lock screen notifications, screen pinning and more. instead, we are expecting it to stay on the same Android 4.4.4 KitKat name. The time is coming for Lollipop to start making its way across most of the Xperia range shortly. However, many big name devices don’t have it including some of the flagships. That means the chances are slim for this build to be Android 5.0 through to 5.0.2 Lollipop for the M Dual.

You should still take the same actions as you would any other firmware release when it comes to installing the file: tap the download and install now options after taking a backup of the data. You do not automatically lose any data when installing new updates. However, if you get stuck and need a factory reset the data is wiped. Furthermore, tap the buttons for installing when you are using a stable WiFi connection and avoid the unwanted data charges that come with a mobile data plan.


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