If you are a subscriber to the AT&T phone carrier network and own the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 flagships smartphone you should look out for a new over the air system message notifying you of another Android 4.4.4 software update. Even though it’s not the Android 5.0 Lollipop that all owners are still waiting for, it is at least another software update. Each one that goes by is helping the eventual roll out of the candy happen quicker.

Most of the features for KitKat are already pre-loaded in past software updates so users won’t find much inside this KTU84P.G900AUCU2AOA1 firmware edition. You already know the features such as wireless cloud printing, new location menu, white status bar, white navigation bar, album art available from the lock screen, new emoji faces for typing text messages, a slightly revamped phone dialer with new font, different shade of blue, tweaked keyboard when using in landscape mode and a numerical update to the Easter Egg so it sits on the new number.

Gold AT&T S5

The new G900AUCU2AOA1 software update is bringing a mixed bag of feelings along with it from users who have already updated. We are reading some people finding bugs, while others are having no issues. The AT&T company are reporting some issues which crept into the system after a data update which rolled out late January. It could be people are experiencing this bug and assuming it’s something related to the new firmware version.

Furthermore, making matters even worse, everyone is expecting Android 5.0 Lollipop by now which comes with heaps more features including new material design, material design app drawer, smart notification, a do not disturb notification, extra lock screen notifications, new Quick Settings menu, updates to the Easter Egg, camera features, security, tap and go NFC payments and a great deal more. Once you find the Lollipop OTA available you’ll also get screen pinning, Android RunTime overtaking the old Dalvik option, Android Beam and more.

If you are rolling with root access we do not recommend installing the OTA coming in as a system notification because it does risk bricking your device. Instead you want to search for the file and install it through the Odin app manually. otherwise downgrade manually to a different firmware version made available in the past and then accept this new OTA update.

Everyone erring on the side of caution can back up the data using Helium for Android available from the Google Play store or use any of the other apps available. There’s also the trusty built-in backup feature. As usual, let us know in the comments what you think after updating. How disappointed are you it’s not Lollipop? How much longer can you wait until you go mad? let AT&T know your thoughts below.

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