Are you an online gamer, via web or mobile? Then the term “free-to-play” is familiar to your vocabulary. If not, well, it enables you to play without any cost but can charge you for additional items.

They see the ability to have the same models, but consoles did not see a deal of free content, and even if some titles can be downloaded and paid through the internet, the market will still be an over-the-counter approach. Keep reading after the jump to find out more on the Xbox 360 free hit Happy Wars.


Buying and consuming extra content gives developers a chance to have income and have more inspiration to do more of this “free-to-play” online game. Besides, it shows consumer appreciation of the game by spending money to enjoy them. There have been slow adaptions by console vendors, but Microsoft is making ways to bring the free-to-play approach to the market-leading entertainment portal.

The makers of Happy Wars announced that  they plan to release it later this year. The best part of this is it’s absolutely free to download and play on Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. By the way, Happy Wars is a multiplayer action title by Toylogic. It has “exciting castle siege and magic spell battle action for madcap free-for-all battles in fantasy world settings.” But wait, there’s more. Happy wars will allow gamers to purchase more items at the Item Shop for your character to show your originality on the field of  valor.