The Amber update is still doing the rounds to many noticeable Windows Phone mobiles 8 across the U.S.A. The mobiles are the Lumia, 928, Lumia 920, Lumia 620 and the Nokia Lumia 521 which is the lowest of them all.

The Windows Phone updates can be a bit confusing compared to the others like Android and iPhone. For example the Amber update started rolling out months ago during August. It is still doing the rounds now as we speak. There are many mobiles in the range and many carriers to cover, but still it can only be considered a slow roll out. On top of that there are other smaller increments of features which are then released and only under the same name.

The upgrade is for latest Windows Phone 8 in the range.

T-Mobile has already carried out their version of this one for the 810 and 521 models.

Verizon wireless has also already seen theirs for the 928 and 822 models.

The reasons for Nokia issuing the slow release are because they want to make sure a quality deliverance.

To check if you have the update ready to be installed, you will need to open up your phone and navigate over to the settings. From there, check phone update options. If there is anything sitting in here, there’s a good chance it’s the Amber firmware waiting for you to confirm the installation.