The Windows Phone is not normally a device that sees many updates when compared to that of its counterpart and main competition such as Android. With that being said, it has had two big time updates in the last 2 months, both of which are still rolling out in increments, depending on the country.

One of the updates is called the GDR3 and a newer version of it is brought in extra color options to the Glance screen. The option will be included in the night mode. It will give an extra 18 color options to choose from. This is a big jump up from the previous two that it was only capable of choosing from.

Other notable inclusions are the notification sounds. These sounds are heard for all things you can be notified of, including text messages, emails, voice emails and reminders.

There one added feature that could be one of the best yet. There is a new feature that will let restore over WiFi. This is an option that not even Apple have created as of yet.

There is also a drive mode. This mode is meant for deriving and it will block many of the phone’s features from being used while on the road. The idea behind it is to stay safe as possible.