The Windows console colors have been the same for twenty years. You’ll often see brands keep the same colors just for the sake of familiarity, even when they don’t like the look of them very much anymore. Sometimes colors are chosen because of the psychological meaning behind them, and other times they just have some type of sentimental connection to the person picking them, by either meaning something to them personally or just being a color that they like to look at.

Sometimes colors need updating to suit modern day technology better. That’s apparently the explanation why the Windows console is now getting a color upgrade. The move is said to “improve legibility” (or readability) on the screens when you look at them.

There have been two colors to date that people know from the console: a bright green and a bright blue. The type of blue and green that you see are similar tones for their respective colors. That’s typically the right thing to do when trying to pick colors that go well together because it matches up on the opposite spectrum of the color chart. Those are the colors that are said to work well together. The problem in this instance though is that the blue is hard to see when used on the dark background.

You should now find the colors make it easier to read the text when using the color console in Windows operating systems going forward. The change was brought up as of build 16257.

Source: Microsoft blogs