Windows Insiders who are signed up to receive the fast updates are now getting build number 16257 rolling out to Windows Update for PC and mobile phones.

Highlights of this update include the new Eye Control feature that adds functionality to help control the Windows operating system with eye movement. Eye Control, or eye tracking as some others are referring to it, is as bizarre as it sounds. It’s got nothing to do with signing in with eyes like you have been able to do so for some time now from Windows Hello.

It’s a real-deal eye control feature that allows you to navigate around the operating system and do things like open the mailing application from the Start menu just by looking in those directions with your eye movement. It’s only going to be in its beta stages for now with this update, and you’ll need to have the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C before it can be compatible with your computers, but eye tracking is officially up for grabs on PCs.

With recent technology like Google Glass failing to take off, starting to navigate around operating systems with our eyes might be more than just a bit ahead of time. It could well be more trouble than it’s worth, at least for a little while. But the fact that Microsoft has wanted to present this idea means they must have an inkling that it is going to prove useful for some people out there. We just aren’t sure who those people will be yet. It might be something better suited to people who can’t use hands for example. Those looking to preserve their fingers use might also find it interesting.

While the Eye Control feature is sure to be the highlight, it’s not all you get in this update by any stretch of the imagination. Microsoft Edge also sees some significant changes. Edge is a good web browser, but it still has its annoyances that need fixing. One of them was the way it handed selected text in the address bar. Nobody I know of knew why that might be a good thing, and it seems Microsoft has now agreed to change it. The fix now includes the “HTTP://” now being part of the address bar which solves the copy and paste issue.

There are plenty of other bits and pieces further explained by Dona in the official press release linked below.

Source: Windows blogs