I am not going to pretend as if I know everything about Google because the short answer is I do not. However, I do know that from an SEO standpoint trying to find information on the new smartphone called OnePlus One is going to be an absolute disaster let alone trying to pick up internet views from it yourself if you write on it.

Names like Android and iPhone are unique, but the words One and Plus are used by just about every single big website in the entire world already and search engines like Google are going to struggle immensely trying to distinguish what the user wants. As it stands today if automatically redirects to what it thinks you want so it will assume you meant to put a gap between the Plus and the One because that is the most common way to write. All that and we have not even begun to talk about the phone.

OK, so maybe I was a bit selfish thinking about the lack of reason for me to write about this new handset and pick up views, but it is for their benefit too. But, let us look past that for now and focus on what we know about this phone.

OEM manufacturer OnePlus has just listed its European price of 350€ which comes in comfortably under the $500 US dollar mark. That puts it next to phones like the Moto X, nexus 5 and a jam-packed mid-range business that we already know is so competitive it is hard to envision anyone to be succeeding let alone an independent company taking on the big guns. Does that mean they cannot succeed? Not yet.

Now let’s look at the specs. We heard today that the smartphone will have a Snapdragon 801 chipset when it comes out. That instantly tells me that it is not going to win shoppers over with specs, but rather how it looks and features combined with cool branding. When this phone comes out the Snapdragon 801, although a very capable processor, will be a way off the current benchmark. By June we fully expect the Snapdragon 805 to rule the market with Quad HD phones like the Premium Galaxy S5. From there, many will follow in Sammy’s path and have similar capabilities. That means that the least you should expect to find in your new modern handset is the Snapdragon 801 at the very least.

Where they do win us over is the general concept of having a CyanogenMod 11S operating system that it will run on. It is very clear that they do plan on appealing to the younger generation and kids these days do love their phones and customizing them is a natural offspring from that. Overall, we are happy the OnePlus name has come out and we look forward to seeing what they can deliver. Their logo looks sweet and I’ll gladly cover them even if it means struggling to be seen.

Right now there is few details to go with this phone as it looks like the founders are very smart at keeping the mystery and suspense going all while creating enough of a buzz to keep us wanting to know more.

I am upbeat about these phones and the general conception is that they will be cool from me, but what would usually have had me jumping out of my seat has me a little hesitant instead.