I continually rave about Google’s Nexus handsets and the Nexus 5 was arguably the one I talked up the most. It is the one smartphone of the year that the Mountain View company look after tremendously and give it top of the shelf specs and sell it off for only a fraction of the price. However, just because these wonderful handsets are always terrific value for money does not mean they are flawless.

It did not take long for purchasers to soon find out that the speaker output just plain sucked. It was so bad that even Google admitted to the problem and tried to address it in a firmware update namely Android 4.4.1. That is a step past the vanilla, stock Android 4.4 KitKat that it came with out of the box that was great value for money at the time because only the most expensive flagship devices would get it directly after the Nexus 5.

The good news in all of this is if the device is popular then developers also flock to that device to make things for it. It is good business and expose for them and that covers Google and Android’s mistakes perfectly so they love it too. The end users will also enjoy a valuable solution. It is pretty much how it has worked out again thanks to a new application available to download and install direct from Google Play called Nexus 5 Real Volume Booster.

That is your answer to the problem right there, but now we will walk you through the details on how to properly install it thanks to Android Beat who provided the tutorial. This guide is for advanced users only because it requires the use of recovery mode and handling of root files.

1. Open the Real Volume Booster app after installing it from the link provided above.

2. Change the numbers to a higher number that you want the volume set on. Don’t go too high though or else you can damage the speakers. Underneath the number value is a recommendation of the maximum output. We do not advise going over this amount.

3. Click the save button. It has now saved a file to the SD card in the handset.

4. Click the reboot option.

5. Grant root permission when it asks.

6. Boot it into recovery mode and upload the N5VolumeBoost.zip file that was saved to the SD card internal storage.

7. The new settings will now be saved and you will notice the improved volume. If you wish to change it again open up the application and adjust the volume accordingly. Otherwise, you also can delete the application all together and it will restore the smartphone to the default volume.