Images have leaked around the web of a White Nexus 4 which is apparently set to hit stores on the 10th of June. The initial talk of a White Nexus 4 started circling at the Google I/O last week. Many had reported to have seen it, while others refusing to believe it since the Nexus 5 was almost due. Well, if seeing is believing, then you’ll have to check out the image below courtesy of Android Police.

Now that the image has surfaced around the web, you can almost guarantee an eventual release of this device. Every big site has had no problems with releasing the image, so authenticity should not be an issue. One would also have to assume it will be coming before the Nexus 5 also. A bit of a let down for Nexus 5 hoppers, but at the same time, the white Nexus does look neat when compared to the original black variant.