Booting into download mode is something that we require for many of our guides here at Mobile Cupertino including for flashing files using the Odin tool made by the real Samsung developers. The reason being is that it is a required step for many firmware installations. A subject in which we cover densely. Here are the steps for putting Android into download mode.

On most Android devices:

1. Turn the device off and wait ten seconds to make sure it is completely off.

2. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power Buttons simultaneously. Hold them until the screen turns with a logo on before letting go.

On other Android handsets:

1. Turn the device off.

2. Hold the Volume Down + the Home key + the Power button simultaneously. Hold them until the screen turns on. Press the volume up key again after the Android logo appears for selected devices.

If one of these methods did not work for you, then please try the other method. If for whatever reason your machine is not doing it, please leave us a message with your device name, and we will look into it for you. Some specific smartphone and tablets have a little trick to them, which you may need to learn.

This installation guide is now complete. You can continue with what you were previously doing which was most likely a guide from our Android firmware section.

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