Where’s My Water? Coming to you at no cost is a complicated physics-based puzzler with Retina show design, Multi-Touch control and great soundtrack.

This amazing chart topper features Swampy the Gator that lifestyles under the town and yearns for a more human-like everyday living. He is especially attached to hygiene. The other alligators do not take kindly to Swampy’s eccentricities and have conspired to aspects his drinking water. You need to help Swampy by directing water to his bathtub.


To be effective in Where’s My Water? you need to be brilliant and keep an eye out for plankton, harmful ooze, activates, and barriers.

Where’s My Water  is one of  Operating systems best video games, where you have to go through the stages with different plans. Levels are structured by designed sections. This app is a free of charge version of the experience, and not all sections here are revealed.

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