Are you still part of the unlucky family not to have cable? So if things are looking a little less bleak if you own a mobile phone. Now you can watch the Lifestyle, History and A&E channels directly from your mobile devices without any need of a subscription. Simply download the new video streaming apps for each channel and you get all the same goodness you would find from watching them on TV.

History Channel


Sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch? There is no catch as much, however, if you are subscribed to either Comcast or Direct TV (which are networks of the united states) then you get a bigger piece of the viewing pie. I choose to say a bigger piece of the pie and not them fussing about the lack of shows available to non subscribers, simply because there is still a great amount of content out there if you download the app without having any credentials. You can still expect to find the majority of shows found on the respective channels. All shows will be available on full length episodes for streaming.

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