Now that we’re close to a month in from working from home, more and more people are realizing new things they may need from the same Microsoft Office applications that they didn’t when they weren’t working remotely. Microsoft is doing its darnedest to meet the needs of people who are working remotely, and the team has brought out a bunch of new features that are all new to this April in 2020.

Microsoft Yammer now has integration with Microsoft Teams. Yammer is Microsoft’s “social layer” that was integrated in Office, but it didn’t yet have anything to do with the Teams app that so many people are connecting to now. Microsoft Yammer has a new application called “Communities” that brings all communities and conversations from Yammer to Microsoft Teams. There is also a new Yammer application for smartphones. The new app gives a better live events experience for you and your entire organization.

Microsoft Excel has been updated to include a return on natural language queries. This feature was introduced back at Microsoft Ignite last year and is now available for everyone to use. It means you can ask Excel questions and the app will return answers based on your data. We assume some people will struggle with this, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work wonders already. If you can’t get it to respond with the answers you need, try using YouTube for example videos on how people are getting the answers from their queries.

Microsoft is now making it easier to work remotely using their applications that are more tailored to small and medium-sized business applications. To aid people in receiving all their security needs now that they’re working remotely, Microsoft is now adding Azure AD Premium P1 license to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

You can also get new insights as to how your business is working by getting access to the all-new Microsoft 365 usage reports which can be found inside the Microsoft 365 admin center.

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