As you know, the Sony smartphone brand always release their own unique set of applications. One of them is the trendy and well-liked Weather Widget. Whether is one of those apps that you’d think would come easily. However, trying to find a great reliable app that is laid out to suit your needs is difficult. If you haven’t tried out Sony’s own version then it’s never too late since this fantastic new updates namely 2.0.A.074 comes with critical features such as show the weather conditions of current location in a timely manner and not the set location from the lock screen or home screen.

I’ve tried loads of apps for Weather on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android and the widget here is one of my favorites. It shoots an extra spot up mu list with the additional customization technique they have here. Since we want to know the temperature, wind, chance of rain, tide and sunrise/sunset conditions on the daily, we want the browsing to be efficient as possible. Adding more feature like this are always fantastic.


Apart from the aforementioned feature, the new iteration also comes with bug fixes and language support for more native countries. The update is currently in the roll-out phase that automatically appears from the OTA. Nevertheless, they make the APK file accessible for download too. You can download the Weather Widget 2.0.A.0.74 APK here.

Updating applications does not traditionally require backups beforehand. However, if you want to store the current market apps available on your smartphone try using Helium for Android available from the Google Play store. Additionally, it doubles as handy way to sync the device phone contacts.

The new iteration is hitting the Xperia Z3 range over the air.