We are now developing an age where iOS and arguably Android too will feature inside of our automobiles that we drive every day. Already smartphone technology causes great concerns when people’s eyes and ears no longer focus on the traffic and what’s ahead of them, and the person lose concentration when they focus on more technology.

Waze is doing it’s best job and merging the two of them together so that people can still get the helpful advice and information from technology products but in a more [practical manner that still lets us be safe. It’s obviously well liked if Google paid nearly one billion dollars to acquire the traditional GP-based social mapping company. They weren’t the only one’s interested either with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg putting in a bid.

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The app aims at giving the best maps experience possible by taking it more social and getting updates from real people and where they are at so you can get a better understanding of the conditions. According to Waze, we have come to the end of the path so to speak when prophesying traffic conditions, and unless you are going to fly a chopper over the sky, there’s not much else you can do other than give an estimate. This time around those estimates will be coming from voices that you trust and rely on every day with other human beings. It isn’t just about knowing what traffic is doing either. Waze can remember you who had the car with you, and if you ever go that route again, it will remember it for you, so there’s no obligation to do it yourself. Some people call that lazy, but others can struggle with understanding directions and if it’s one less headache for us to try and remember then that’s a real thing right?

Arguably the most impressive part of the app is that it can pinpoint your location for you friends and family to find you. It will tell them where you are and give simple direction from where they are using GPS technology and give quick directions so you can meet up in no time. Many country people will be scratching their heads over how this is considered good but if they chatted to a city person, it would soon become apparent just how valuable and useful this application is.

The full change-log for Waze 3.8 includes adding contacts so that you can find them with ease on the streets. A load of bug fixes so if you noticed something wasn’t right in the last software updating could fix what you found. You can now see who is taking a look at your shared drive. The ETA screen or estimated time or arrival shows an easier way to share. It saves locations between friends for a better memory and more.

Waze mobile is available for Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and this 3.8.0 version is made for Android and iOS. Get the Waze v 3.8 app from the Google Play store from this link.

When you click through, you can observe some of the comments and problems they are facing. One man is struggling to have it working on a tablet without an SIM card so don’t try and add that because you might also have the same issue. Others are reporting mainly good things, and one has noticed a bug fixed already.

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