If you like getting as much value for your devices as possible then you should always check out what AnTuTu is saying. They give in-depth analysis of benchmark tests for just about every device out there on the planet. A benchmark test is nothing new and we constantly see the good old “vs.” articles popping up but when it comes to direct comparisons AnTuTu is leading the way, and it’s no close. As for how it works, everybody can download the app direct from the Google Play store, punch in the name of the device and compare it with another of your choice.

Today the app has become even handier because it is showing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs in a benchmark test. Normally it is not known for breaking news or leaking it but it looks like that’s what it is doing right now. Furthermore, a lot of what is says does match up with what we have heard from around the web from sources that we trust so when assessing it’s authenticity it looks legit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The biggest thing to note here (no pun intended) is that there are two different variants of the smartphone coming. Samsung have been extremely difficult to predict this year and the first half was under a constant cloud of whether a newer Galaxy S5 prime was coming or not. We still don’t know exactly what is happening there although we think it will be the Galaxy F smartphone. It’s hard to judge what Sammy’s plans are and if they will touch a nerve by undercutting the current S5 that so many people paid money for, but one invention we saw disappear in a hurry was the curved display and according to the specs it is on its way back. One of the Note 4’s will have a curved display and the other a flat Super AMOLED although we don’t know which smartphone specs to put with which right now.

One has the model number of SM-N910C and comes with Exynos 5433 8 core system chip, and the SM-N910S gives the Snapdragon 805 SoC. In my opinion, the curved display will not have the 805 yet if only one of them has because the curbed will likely be the cheaper variant.

We already have our hands on many of the rumored Exynos 5433-based handset so we can piece together what it will have. It is water and dust-resistant, 5.7-inches with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. That equals the new Quad HD displays we starting seeing with the LG G3 and the same technology that got Sammy in a pickle this year with reportedly having to release two different smartphones not in the ‘Note’ series to accommodate for this technology because the first S5 didn’t. The pixel density is 515 ppi; the technology is Super AMOLED, and it comes with the usual bells and whistles like multi-touch sensor, light sensor and proximity sensor. The camera offers 16 megapixels for the rear-facing shooter; it has flash, camcorder and two megapixel front-facing snapper.

The rest of the impressive, finer details will commence soon after the official announcements, but we know what else to expect. There’s all the usual multimedia music player features such as album art cover, background playback, playlists, album and artist. It does have loudspeaker and earpiece. It also has a YouTube player. Internet Browsing doesn’t offer anything new, but does keep the same tradition going. There is YouTube, Picasa and Google+ social media.

It holds all the connectivity features you want such as tethering, computer sync, OTA sync for software updates, USB charging, USB Mass Storage device, WiFi, Bluetooth, and it does have one extra feature that is new: USB 3.0. It is a step up from the usual USB 2.0 we all use today.

It is only according to our sources, and nothing is a sure thing until we see it officially announced by Samsung when they choose to do so. The release date is unknown at this stage, and it unveiling soon but not just yet.

Are you happy that the curved display is reportedly still coming out again to have another try or did you think it was a gimmick? Let us know in the comments your opinions on what displays should do in the future. Right now thin bezels are taking over to give a more modern look, and I like that.

If you can remember back to 2013, it was Samsung that released the Samsung galaxy Round, and it curled in a manner similar to what the new Samsung smart TV’s are doing. However, some of the concepts like the one shown in this post are predicting that Sammy curve it the other way instead.

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