One of my favorite apps of this year would have to be Vine. Since its release it has grown into one of the biggest apps in the world. If you are the owner of an Android or iOS device, chances are you need no introduction because it has been on your platform for a while, but the Windows Phone folks haven’t had the chance to check it out until today.

Vine lets you post a 6 second short clip which creates a platform for some really creative videos. In the last few months that creativity has extended a lot into the comedy side of things, and that’s a reason why I love it so much. You might think 6 seconds isn’t long enough to keep you entertained for very long, but there is never a shortage in new jokes and good quality clips being made.

The Vine application is really simple to use: create your account and then scroll down the screen to check out what people have posted. You’ll see a bunch of the editor’s choice picks first, and often the most popular one’s. To be honest, I’m not aware of how to browse one’s that aren’t all that popular, but if you head over to vine Facebook pages or anything like that you will see a ton of them being posted every day. It also gives you the chance to follow people much like you would on twitter. I’m assuming this is where you would get those certain video feeds from.

Similar to Facebook, there is also the option to like and share the clips that you see, as well as comment on them.

The official Vine apps simple nature means that the Windows Phone version is basically a carbon copy of what you get with the other version over at Apple and Android. There really is not too much difference at all. The top bar is black with the vine logo in its typical teal colour, and on my iPhone app now, I have the teal as the bar colour and the Vine logo as white. So, aesthetically there’s a colour difference from what I can see, but other than that there is no difference.

Download: Vine for Windows Phone