The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first ever Windows Phone phablet set to come with Windows 8.1, the fantastic new operating system that lets you change the tiles and their sizes on your home screen. Don’t forget the new GDR3 update which just hits Windows Phone will be pre-loaded here also.

Pre-orders for this one have already commenced, and it is nearly time for pick ups to become available from in stores. As an incentive, if you spend the $199.99 asking price, Microsoft is offering a free flip cover, Microsoft Store app cards and Nokia one’s too that have the value all up of over $100. AT&T is also offering their own free prices, with a $20 gift voucher.

The new mobile is available on a one or two-year plan, or on a month-to-month contract.

You can find out more on this promo by visiting the official Microsoft website. Their social media pages will also have further information on the deals once they become available leading up to the launch.

There has been no time frame given for this offer and when it will be valid for just yet.

Via DailyMobile

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