A new software update KOT49H.I605VRUFND7 for the Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Not 2 is commencing over the air to selected smartphones that will install the brand-new Android 4.4.2 Kitkat possible. We’ve been lucky enough to see the Verizon page that has it listed and can fill you in on all the details to go along with it.

The Galaxy Note 2 started with a TouchWiz 4.0 UI and since then it has received numerous software updates. The main ones are Android 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.3, and now we are rolling with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. That is only one digit away from being equipped with the latest OS feasible for any device because many are now seeing the Android 4.4.3 which is widely regarded to be in the final stages of the chocolate variety.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There is KNOX 2.0 added support, and there is a note added that it is compatible for enterprise customers. KNOX 2.0 EMM is a cloud-based advanced security system for the enterprise. It is useful when we are talking about business that involve many people that connect to the same network. I’ve dropped the link so you can check out more on that.

There’s also Dual Persona, TIMA kernel protection that works on real time, trust zone based ODE, VPN framework for Knox generic and Samsung Enterprise gateway/Universal MDM client. The one feature that many might not have noticed when viewing this sheet is the keyboard update because it is underneath the picture and not with the other dot points. The illustration shows that the keyboard options have changed. The old keyboard displays five icons and the new version is showing six icons. It’s laborious to view because the figure is small. I am sure I’m looking at a new Emoji face on the keyboard that means there is Emoji support.

The upgrade isn’t just feature-based, and it does come with better performance with less lag and better battery life. The battery has a 3100 mAh capacity and delivers 35 hours talk-time out of the box according to the stats, but this came out in September of 2012 and was announced back on the 29th of August. As we all know battery performance naturally dies down over time regardless of the software bugs so if people have been using this handset every day since then it will not be lasting that long. Suffice to say the new battery fix will be a welcomed inclusion. Furthermore, keep in mind that the battery is the number one feature listed people want to see improved in recent polls.

Additional features include fixes for pop ups in the Backup Assistant; S memo drops the search icon; there’s Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager better stability; streaming music has better connectivity and the S Suggest and Samsung Music apps are gone according to Android Geeks. The Google Drive, Play Newsstand and emergency Alerts widgets all received changes. Moreover, the favourite ‘contact’ background is easier to read, and there is text alert improvements for car kits.

We always encourage people to backup data before starting the OTA update. Also download it over a stable WiFi connection instead of using the mobile data. The mobile data doesn’t come cheap, and it is also less reliable so therefore we should always try and use a home WiFi connection whenever possible. It will install it faster and come with less risk involved because we don’t want this update failing before it finishes.

If you have root or a Custom ROM installed, this will not come in for you. Rather, you ought to download the file manually if and when it becomes available. You always have to drop back to stock before any system updates come in as notifications.

View the official support page here.