After a rather awkward typo by the Verizon team on the official website, we can now confirm the update in question is actually the Android 4.1.2 and not the 4.2 which many people saw pop up earlier today. All is forgiven on our behalf because we know how these numbers can quickly become askew.

The build number for this upgrade is JZ054M, and it has been encouraged by Verizon and Motorola to be downloaded. You can see this from their official release thread. You can also check out the features image which i have used on the outside of this post because it is the same one.

This update comes as a bit of a shock to many because the XOOM isn’t a supported AOSP device any more. That means that Motorola brought this puppy out all by themselves.

This update it is known as a big one compared to the others rolled out today. You will get a bunch of new features including an improved keyboard, Google Now, notifications overhaul, revamped settings menu, better connectivity and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

The software updates always roll out in phases. Keep you eye on the notification panel to see when it arrives for you since it will be a different time to the other people you may know that own the same device. Furthermore, you should always install software over a stable WiFi connection to reduce the risk of it stalling and requiring a factory reset. If you get the notification while you are away from home and using the mobile data, you need to navigate your way to the Settings > About > System Updates and begin the installation process that way.

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