A few people over at XDA have posted an update which has rolled out for the HTC One, however, not many people have any idea what it is about. The build number for this is

Reports of it being 247 MB in size, but it’s not seeming like it make it interesting. Chances are it is that size, but may only be a few tweaks here and there. Generally the lighter is it on your times, the less features are packed in.

One thing which is confirmed so far is the inclusion of LTE enhancements, which has been doing the rounds on a bunch of other devices with updates today. Overall, it is just known as a maintenance update.

It has already started rolling out into settings earlier today. If you do receive it and decide to download it, expect a quick one that doesn’t take up too much time.

This would also hint towards a closer major update to the 4.2.2 jelly bean.

Did you know that there is now a gold version of this phone available? It is made out of 18-carat and has been out for over a month now. This will come with a hefty price tag as all the gold-colored ones usually do.

Following on from that we have just seen a carat-free handset painted in gold to buy. This has literally just come out late November 2013. It will give the same color only a fraction lighter. It still does look good though and it will come to shops much cheaper. You can see it pictured.

(Source: XDA)

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