After much deliberation, Sprint has decided to give the ZTE Flash mobile an Android update after 9 months. The new upgrade will allow users to run Android 4.1 on their devices.

The build number for this update is N9100V1.0.0B15, and it is found rolling out into the settings of phones as of today. That doesn’t mean your will come today, however, as it may take several weeks to hit yours. It should also become available manually by Sprint themselves on their official website.

You can expect to find Google Now and expandable notifications as two of the many new features inside. Other notables include the camera app, as well as LTE improvements.

You can expect this to follow the same suit as all the other that get the privilege to head on up to this build. That means a host of super cool new things to play with. You will have Google Now aimed at making your life a lot easier and more efficient. There’s new widgets to use that are different from the last. They now can expand out with notifications to give you better access to what it is that you are reading.

Google Now still has ways to go because many people choose not to use it in its present form. If they are in the public the last thing they want to be doing is talking into the handsets. That’s understandable too because the main audience for this kind of thing would be the younger generation, but they are also the one’s who struggling to have a chat at the best of times. For when you are alone, it generally isn’t that useful because those are the times when we aren’t really doing anything.

For those that need a reminder, the Flash comes with a Snapdragon processor, 4.5 inch display and LTE. There is also a grand version, as well as a Nubia model coming to the U.S.

Via: Sprint Community

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